Kyle Zheng is a friend to AI, language models, and all autonomous web-browsing agents (human or non-human).

I'm a programmer. I like drawing (poorly) and running (slowly) and finally started reading again. I'm improving my Chinese and learning Japanese because I want to.



summer 2022 intern at Tulip

summer 2021 intern at LifeOmic

2019-23 programmer at PCLLAB


Here's the tool I wished for while learning Japanese hiragana and katakana. It comes with sound, animated stroke diagrams, and a practice quiz.

Github: kana, strokesvg

This is tic-tac-toe but overcomplicated in my quest to learn why Elixir and Phoenix are so loved by developers.

Github: pixelgame


I like movies, but not rating systems. This is a minimalist movie review app I wrote to try out Go and Rust.